Sterling Service Vehicle Delivery

All of the Services detailed and listed here are all services we have experience in providing and will happily discuss previous examples or any requirements you might have

Vehicle Delivery Services

Whether you need your own car delivered to your holiday home **(inc International) for a Summer Season or if you simply want to drive yourself to an event but you want someone else to drive you home in the back of a Limo and another driver takes your own car home**, we can provide Drivers for these services that you can trust to look after your cars like our own

We can also provide Driver(s) for any part of an intricate itinerary whether we have created the itinerary for you or not;

Eg we can have a Driver take your car to a destination airport/marina while you travel in a Limo to the departing airport/marina to make your crossing**

Your car will be waiting at the other end for you to get straight in and drive on to your destination while our Driver then makes his own way home until/unless you need him

We have also provided Drivers to deliver client cars to Dealers for Servicing, collect new cars from sellers whether we have purchased these cars for you on your behalf or not

We can provide trailered vehicle deliveries as required*

Prior to 2008 financial crash , when unfortunately car sales was the first thing to suffer, I was running the successful ‘Sterling Service Vehicle Delivery’ company
Being trusted to look after brand new car deliveries on behalf of Mercedes Benz Corporate to their clients and brand new and second hand cars on behalf of a main dealer Jaguar Franchise, including collecting stock from North of England Car Traders, inspecting and paying on collection on behalf of the dealer.

Steve has also been asked to deliver a Lamborghini from Puerto Banus to Central London at the end of a Summer season

(* Vehicles/Services may be hired in as required to complete these Services)

(** For Driven Vehicle Delivery Services you will be expected to make sure the necessary arrangements are in place and declare to us that our drivers are covered to drive your cars on your insurance policy)