Luggage Vans

All of the Services detailed and listed here are all services we have experience in providing and will happily discuss previous examples or any requirements you might have

Luggage Vans 

Sterling Service provide luggage vans where required for Clients who don’t travel light or have to travel with equipment / product

Our Van bookings are handled in the same way as our Limo bookings

The Driver details are provided in the Client App

The Vehicle details are provided in the Client App

Your Driver will update his system to let you know when your Van is en route to pick up and arrived at pick up

You will be able to track your Vans live location on the map in your Client App


Our Van Drivers know how to behave wherever they find themselves

They understand the rules and protocols to be observed in every situation when representing you

Be it air-side at the plane, back stage at your show, or at a 5 star hotel picking up/dropping off your luggage

Your Luggage Van Driver will know to work with the rest of the team, your own team or his colleagues we provide, to make sure all pieces are counted and communicated as required at both ends of the transfer. 

He will also appreciate the importance of utmost discretion when looking after your belongings as we do when we look after yourself

You can trust Sterling Service with your possessions as well as you can trust us with your arrangements