Courier Services

All of the Services detailed and listed here are all services we have experience in providing and will happily discuss previous examples or any requirements you might have

Courier Services

In the same way we represent you when we look after your clients and guests on your behalf, we represent you when we look after your valuables*

There are cases when the items to be delivered are valuable / urgent / critical and justify our service to guarantee their safe, timely delivery or collection

Sometimes including storage between pick up and drop off pending logistic timings*

We can also courier these items on your behalf on trains and planes as required*

Sterling Service can also provide licensed protection / security services** to escort your valuables


Such valuables can include;
-Visa Applications
-Tickets (Travel/Event)
-Legal Papers
-Environmental Samples
-Coronavirus Test Kits

As with all of our Chauffeur and Transport Services, you can track your Courier’s progress whether he/she is on foot, on a train, or driving a limo or a van for your service.

All of the passenger App and Client Portal functions will apply to our courier service in real time.

*Only legally of course – we reserve the right to request a covering letter for the courier to carry to be presented in the event of being challenged as to the content / ownership

*Any such request for this service will be considered on a case by case basis and we reserve the right to decline the request for any service

**These services will be brokered with a trusted licensed security service who operate at the highest level