Event Chauffeurs and Fully Managed Limo Desk


Sterling Service have lots of experience working with Corporate Clients planning large number movements for day or week long Conference and Away Days

Working directly with your PA’s, Admins, and inhouse Event Teams or representing you working with your outsourced Event Management Company, we can compile a fully planned itinerary for every movement;

Inbound Airport Transfers
Long and short distance UK relocations
Ground Transfers between Accommodation / Event Venue / Office / Restaurant
Outbound Airport Transfers

Our Coordinator(s) will execute the plan on the day and react to any problems that may arise

Our Chauffeurs will look after your colleagues / clients / guests representing you in a way you are fully confident will have them on their best game for  the reason they are with you in town

These services can be provided in any combination of vehicles
Exec MPV
Exec Mini Coach

We can play as big or small a part as you prefer in the planning for your event
Working with your planners, and wherever suitable we also find it a big advantage to work directly with your travel agent and your guests themselves, or their admins, to collate the car requirements

If we live and breathe a big project with you from the early planning stage it is always easier to manage especially the more intricate it is on the day, not to mention the problems that we will be presented with on the day. Unfortunately there will always be something to contend with. It is not for hiding from and hoping it won’t happen, it is for looking for and dealing with when it arises.

The key to the success of a multi movement project is the planning, efficient contingency, and above all experience on the day to foresee what is coming at you next.

When managing a project from the start the potential groupings can also be suggested and managed by us in advance to suit your logistics and budget, all the while being sensitive to your VIP’s and Hierarchy within your company.


Chauffeurs Kent Sterling Service

Examples of this service

UK Based International Client


Regular client who use Sterling Service routinely for colleagues and guest ground transfers and airport transfers

host Annual Global Snr Management Conference in Cambridge

65 Visiting International Delegates
38 Inbound Transfers
22 Outbound Transfers

Steve planned all movements
including the proposed groupings where necessary with the client Event organisers to rationalise total number of cars required


International (Japan) based Client with UK Office


Requests the Sterling Service once or twice a year to look after head of UK and visiting home country No.1 and Senior Team for events including R.I.A.T. RAF Fairford – Farnborough Air Show – DSEi London


Ground Transfers
Airport Transfers
Hotels and Restaurants
Client Visits
Client Guest Arrangements when brokering meetings between suppliers and clients
Corporate Hospitality and Entertaining

The groupings can be suggested and managed by us in advance to suit your logistics and budget, all the while being sensitive to your VIP’s and Hierarchy within your company.