International Sterling Service

Remember the Volcanic Ash Cloud?

No Flights

No Tickets on Eurostar

We drove to Antwerp and Brussels Picking up and Dropping off Clients connecting with the mainline European Rail Network from wherever they could get a ticket to/from.

Steve has also driven down to Spain delivering personal goods for clients who prefer to leave the long drive to someone else and take the short flight themselves.

Davos Sterling Service



Steve and Andy worked a year on World Economic Forum in Davos, Swiss Alps

And Steve was invited to go back and help again the following year for a second time

An amazing project to be part of, from the original recce of Zurich Airport to providing a 24/7 VVIP As Directed Service for the duration of the conference

To relocate, recce and set up, deliver the service, and relocate home is a long week

To provide a VVIP service at this level ON SNOW from start to finish is just fantastic

Given the adversity faced on several occasions during this service we brought back some fond memories of these projects, and of course new friends and partners.

To be able to deal with unusual challenges this far from home and be able to rise is always memorable success

Davos WEF

Germany Sterling Service




From driving UK and German Range Rovers to S Classes and V Classes

From driving 4M panel vans to 4M open back trucks

From delivering documents and furniture to VVIP Chauffeur Services and airside pick ups/drop offs

From delivering staff and pet dogs to collecting animatronic theatre set puppets

Steve has plenty of experience driving through and working in Belgium and Germany

Steve can provide as good a service in Germany as he can in UK, on one occasion having to give a local German Driver directions to Frankfurt Airport…

Belgium Sterling Service

Since driving down in to Antwerp and Brussels during the Volcanic Ash Cloud many years ago, Steve has been trusted to work in Belgium since at Sports and Music Events, including staying in Belgium for several days to do so

Most recently providing Chauffeur Driven V Class Exec MPV for a Band/Crew Service to Nostalgie Festival starting and finishing same day back in London

For this particular service Sterling Service planned the itinerary, purchased the Eurostar Crossing Ticket – again creatively given very last minute planning! – ad added all the API’s to the booking on the behalf of the client



International Partners

(Belgium Germany Malta Italy)

As well as what we can do for you ourselves we have partners in Belgium, Germany, Malta and Italy with who we can trust your arrangements, again seamlessly booking and planning through our own system so you will have the same admin experience although our International friends maybe driving for you.