Dedicated Transport Services (UK and Int’l)

All of the Services detailed and listed here are all services we have experience in providing and will happily discuss previous examples or any requirements you might have

Dedicated Transport Services

We can provide our same trusted Sterling Service if you need ‘things’ collected or delivered instead of ‘passengers’

We can’t compete with a pallet carrier or parcel delivery service, but sometimes this simply won’t do;

Whether it is a critical or valuable delivery, there are times when you must have a 100% guaranteed safe, secure, discreet, personal delivery

Some examples of our trusted delivery service include;

-Critical Engineering Spares for Emergency Repair
-Emergency Collection of Essential Component for Industry and/or Lab breakdown
-High Value Product Delivery
-High Value Sample Delivery
-Environmental Samples to lab to meet Government legislation

We can;
-deliver your documents as your Chauffeur or Representative
-collect your products on your behalf and make payments under your instruction on collection
-deliver your product on your behalf and collect payment representing you on delivery
-collect purchases on your behalf checking and signing for them representing your best interests at pick up
-deliver gifts on your behalf


We have;
-delivered kitchen equipment to a private residence in Spain
-collected animatronics theatre set/theme park characters from a supplier in Stuttgart, Germany
-delivered structural glass to a private residence in the French Alps

Sterling Service have delivered countless Visa applications where a client’s own passport must accompany the application

On behalf of our amazing clients, our Chauffeurs have hand delivered;
-legal notices
-architects drawings

*These services will be completed in our own vehicles, or ‘hired in’ vehicles to suit where necessary