Background to this Covid-19 policy

In-Car Covid Screens / Disinfectant Fogging / Supplementary Air Filtration / Customisable Procedures and much more
(See Full List Below)

There is much advice and guidance available to help us provide the safest service possible.

I have taken this very seriously and after many hours of research, discussion and learning, not to mention cost, I have come to the following conclusions and put this plan in place with immediate effect.

These measures provide no guarantees unfortunately, and I make no such claims that they might.

We simply wish to provide an environment for our Passengers, and of course our Drivers, which is as safe as possible. One that you can take some confidence in while continuing to enjoy our World Class Experience if you have to travel.

I take a genuine view that we are all in this together.

AirBubbl PDF Brochure

At Sterling Service, we always recognise the importance of Passenger safety

Right now we must also consider the safety of your Family at home and your Colleagues and Clients in the office, while at the same time protecting our Drivers and their Families.

We must all do whatever we can to look after each other.

A Chauffeur’s role is a naturally subservient one, which we take seriously.

We are here for you

During your hire of our service, you are the boss.

Our car/space is yours for the duration of your hire/service

Our Driver is your Driver and is there to look after you

Right now, at least where Covid-19 is concerned and the measures we can all take;

we are all in this together – to look after each other


If any of this information is of any use to anyone, please feel free to take it away


The following is a summary list of the specific measures we have put in place.

Complete with the detailed thinking and product info behind each measure.

Please take a minute to look through them all.

For any of our peers, partners and colleagues – if you want to use any of this please do.

To anyone who uses a different car service you know and trust, you are welcome to share any of this with them.


Covid19 screen and other items

If anything in our policy helps one fellow Chauffeur get a job in these unprecedented times, or helps prevent one person getting Covid-19, whether we know them or not, it has done its job

In the same token, if anyone has any suggestions, recommendations, requirements or critique, please share this with us and we will gladly do whatever we can to make our service as safe as possible for you and for our team

Thank you and look after each other.

Please Be Safe

Best Regards

Steve Lynch



and “The Sterling Service Team”

If you don’t need to travel – please stay at home. If you do need to travel we believe these measures make our travel option as safe as possible.

Summary of Covid19 / Coronavirus Measures:-

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All of these measures can be upscaled to our Partners if your requirement is greater than we can cater for in house

If anyone has a Duty of Care to colleagues when providing transport – all of these measures can be documented

Please call Steve to discuss

Driver and Passenger Temperatures *1

This is still the best recognised method of possibly detecting Covid-19 without taking a specific medical test.

The 3 symptoms are;
New persistent cough
Anosmia (Loss or change to your sense of taste or smell)
Temperature = 37.8 deg or more
A temperature reading of 37.8 degrees and over is a trigger for assuming you have Covid-19

You should immediately self isolate and get a test - do not leave the house
The ‘Guild of Professional Chauffeurs’ Medical Consultant gives an example of a fit and healthy ambulance crew Paramedic turning up for a shift, having their temperature routinely checked in this exact same way, showing a reading over 37.8 degrees, leading to a subsequent positive Coronavirus Test.

This early diagnosis puts the then patient in the best position to medically prepare for treatment and importantly removes the risk of them passing the virus on to anyone else.

Our Drivers will all have a non contact Thermometer ‘Gun’ with them.

Your Driver will have been checked for his own temperature before your pick up.

When your Driver arrives at your pickup, if you would like him to check your temperature please just say and he will be happy to, of course wearing his face covering.

Preferably if you know you want your temperature taken please tell us in advance.

We will be more than happy to do this for you, and it will be included in your booking notes and your Chauffeur will be briefed in advance.

NB - We are not going to insist on checking Passenger temperatures as this can easily be quite awkward in practical terms

Procedures *2

Your Chauffeur will be wearing a face covering

Non contact greeting/farewell

Window(s)/Sun Roof ajar wherever practicable to enhance fresh airflow/ventilation

Please use hand san on entering the car

Your Chauffeur might not be wearing a tie pending his face covering of choice

It is also an option to use a Mercedes V Class over a Mercedes S Class even for 1 passenger right now to enable social distancing

Forgetting the fact we have fitted screens in all cars;

the max distance between Chauffeur and Rear Seat Passenger is;

-V Class (XLWB) = 2.5m (we have extended seat rails fitted that let us comfortably achieve this)

-S Class (LWB) = 1.3m

Customisable Procedures *3

(Requested, Planned and Agreed in advance before any pick up)

On your Limos arrival at your pick up, you can choose in advance if you want your Chauffeur to stay in the car or get out and open your door, and assist with luggage where necessary.

If you do prefer your Chauffeur to assist with luggage and/or help you in to the car of course he will be more than happy to.

If this is the case, your Chauffeur will be wearing disposable gloves.

You will be assisted as required and your Chauffeur will then dispose of the gloves as soon as he gets back in to the car, and then hand san ready for your journey.

Regarding any contact with your luggage, your Chauffeur will have only just hand sanitised and just put a fresh pair of gloves on.

Your Chauffeur will be wearing a face covering

If you choose for your Chauffeur to stay in the car on arrival he will simply unlock the car for you to let yourself in and close your own door.

As always, your Chauffeur will then lock your door straight away.

**The door handle will have been sanitised prior to your pick up**

Hand Sanitiser and Anti-Bac wipes will be available in the car for you to use as soon as you sit in the car

Your Sterling Service Passenger App;
-will show your Chauffeurs progress en route to your pick up
-will show you a photo of your Limo including reg no
-will show you a photo of your Chauffeur including his name and mobile number

This will all enable you to keep yourself in the safest place possible until the last minute when being picked up, and will avoid any chance of you having to talk to the wrong Driver in the wrong Car preventing any unnecessary contact with anyone/anything

For pick ups in busy traffic areas, or where waiting is not permitted/possible this is really important and works really well

Face Masks *4

The wearing of masks for Drivers and Clients leaves us both somewhere between knowing it is the right thing to do, and feeling a bit awkward about it and tending to not want to wear one

The wearing of a face covering serves to protect other people rather than the wearer

The Driver wearing a face covering protects the Passenger

The Passenger wearing a face covering protects the Driver

Please don’t be embarrassed or scared

It is only us underneath!!

#Looking Silly Feeling Safe

And please trust us, we wont think you look silly wearing a mask, in fact your Driver will be grateful if you do, as you wearing a mask protects him while him wearing a mask protects you

Guess Who?
I know, an improvement right? Less scary than normal?!

These reusable snood type face coverings as modelled here by Steve really are more comfortable and practical for wearing for long periods of time
This service was 12 hours start to finish, including a 2.5 hour drive at one point…

see link in next section for this type of face covering
These will be made available for you (at cost) in your car should you want to wear one, or take one with you....

Steve Lynch - Owner
Driver Face Masks *5

Our Drivers have all been issued with Face Masks and Face Coverings.

They have the same several different options to choose from as you.

However, if our Drivers have a face covering of their own that they are more comfortable wearing, they are encouraged to wear these.

It is of the utmost importance your Driver is comfortable and of course be able to breathe properly and freely to remain sharp and fully alert at all times.

There is an argument as time passes that the wearing of a face mask can cause it's own problems, making the wearer feel lethargic when worn for significant periods of time.
This is of course definitely not ideal for your Driver so it is imperative he wears what he is comfortable with, and as such I wholly support this.

If your Driver wears a ‘Snood’ type face covering, which can be the most comfortable for long periods of time, it is not practical for him to also wear a tie.
We appreciate your understanding of this during this time and ask that you do not take this as disrespectful in any way.

Passenger Face Masks *6

Passengers are respectfully encouraged to wear masks/face coverings.

 Face masks will be provided in the cars for passengers who do not have their own.

Again, a selection will be made available.

These Face Masks have been purchased and will be made available to Drivers and Clients alike.

See product links here;

Disinfectant Fogging *7

Your car WILL have been sanitised by Disinfectant Fogging since the last time another passenger rode in the same car – GUARANTEED !!


Disinfectant Fogging – Fog Machines (for use back at base)

All of our cars will be subject to a full fog disinfectant every time they come back to base

This will mean after nearly every passenger service the car will be sanitized back at base

On a normal day (pre Coronavirus) we would normally send a car out to do 1 job and it will return to base.

We do not have endless passengers in and out of our cars all day back to back

If we are busy and the stars align we can send a car out and it might do 2 or 3 jobs in a day without coming back to base.

However this is very unlikely in the short to mid-term with a reduced work load

(See below for demo, more detailed thinking, and product info on our Disinfectant Fogging – Fog Machines)


Disinfectant Fogging – Aerosol (for use on the road)

If for any reason your car comes to your pick up from looking after another client without passing by base and getting sanitised by Fog Machine first;

We will use an aerosol Fog Sanitisation out on the road

We have purchased a case of this product and it will be available in your car should your Chauffeur need to use it

Again, your Driver has been trained in the use of this product

See links to product information here;




Sterling Service Purchase;

(X-Mist has not yet been specifically lab tested for effectiveness against Covid-19)

I stress again;

Your car WILL have been sanitized by Disinfectant Fogging since the last time another passenger rode in the same car – GUARANTEED !!

Disinfectant Wipe Down *8

The product we have chosen for our disinfectant spray wipedown is a Premium anti bac surface spray (Costco Purchase);

See link here -

Every car will have this product on board and the Driver will be trained in using it to wipe down all contact surfaces – door handles, seat belts seat belt fasteners, window openers, in-car PVC screen/sneeze guard - with a spray and a wipe down with a microfibre cloth, immediately before and after every pick up/drop off.

Anti Bac Wipes *9

As you know we have always had wipes in the cars for your comfort.

TBH we haven’t always made sure these have been Anti Bac in the past.

With this in mind, we have now purchased and provide ‘Sani Hands’ Anti Bac wipes in all cars at all times;

See link here -

Gloves *10

Nitrile Powder Free Medical Gloves will be made available to you in your car.

Like some other measures taken here Gloves carry their own discussion.

Many rightly say gloves are more harm than good because of the false sense of security they provide.

!! Gloves can pick up/transfer/lay down virus in the same way hands can !!

The biggest benefit is washing your hands with hand sanitiser in the car as soon as you get in.

Knowing you will be entering a disinfected environment.

However, I do believe there is some benefit to wearing gloves;

As long as you are fully aware they do not prevent the spread of virus;

they can protect you for single use/single contact scenarios

personally I feel the biggest advantage to wearing gloves being you are less likely to touch your face while wearing gloves.

Hand Sanitiser *11

As you know we have always provided Hand Sanitiser for your comfort and convenience.

Now the rest of the world wants to follow suit it is more difficult to obtain however we have plenty of stock and guarantee there will still always be Hand San in your limo as you expect.

In Car PVC Screens (‘Sneeze Guards’) *12

Firstly, I know these aren't pretty - Sorry
Trust me, I would rather not have to put these in our beautiful expensive cars.
I have spent a lot of time and money on these and genuinely believe we have taken the best measures available to us.

These are the best looking ones I can find that satisfy what I want them to do, my concerns around what happens in an accident, and what happens in the event of the airbag side curtain deploying.

As soon as we think the time is right to remove these, they will be taken straight out and put in the Sterling Service Museum...

The whole subject around in-car Covid-19 screens is very emotive and has raised much debate within our Industry, with which I have been heavily involved desperately trying to put in place the right measures for our Clients and Chauffeurs alike.

I have also been involved with the manufacturer to tailor the design to optimise them for our cars, modifications which have been applied to all of their subsequent orders.

There is a whole big argument against them as they provide a purely 'placebo' effect.

Unless they are hermetically sealed how can they possibly work, especially when you consider the air conditioning system.
I cannot argue with this and wouldn't try to.

However, I do take the personal opinion they can provide some mitigation of risk in conjunction with all of the other measures we can all take.
Regardless of arguably providing no benefit at all they certainly don't do any harm, as long as we do not become complacent and let them create a false sense of security.

Apart from how effective they may or may not be, other big topics for debate include;

Does the Licensing Authority approve them?  – Ours Do YES – see evidence below.

Does the Insurance Company approve them?  – Ours Do YES – see evidence below.

What happens to them in the event of an accident?

How do they impact on the operation of the airbag side curtains in an accident?

I have looked at many different types, everything from rigid partial sneeze guards to home made clingfilm and tape.

Taking everything in to account I have decided on a tailor made flexible PVC cover from CL Covers; see link here -

I personally feel the flexible pvc screen provides less potential hazard than a rigid screen in the event of an accident.

We have taken every measure possible to ensure these do not compromise the deployment of the side airbags.

Once fitted I have taken one of our S Class Limos V66 in to my local authority inspection centre.

In their opinion* (2x Examiners plus a 3rd independent car mechanic who just happened to be there) these screens do not interfere with the operation of the side curtain airbag and nor will they endanger passengers in the event of a) an accident or b) the airbag side curtain deploying

*this is an off the record opinion. The test centre are not obliged to have an official opinion on these, and as such do not offer one.

Our local Licensing Authority Swale Borough Council approve them – see below.

Our Fleet Insurance Provider – Aviva TFP Schemes (Taxi Fleet Plus) approve them in an open letter published on their website – see link here; (and more below)

I understand that these screens may not be effective.

I do believe these particular screens cannot do any harm.

I also strongly believe people will expect to see these screens regardless of how effective they may or may not be.

They will be everywhere if not already, Supermarket, Post Office, Petrol Station, everywhere.

They do provide a sense of confidence

Even in the supermarket where you have a partial rigid screen that you lean round to pay or hear what the cashier is saying to you.

In my personal opinion, this will be expected by the clients and Chauffeurs alike, and obvious by their absence in no time at all if not fitted.


Taken from Swale Borough Council Private Hire Licensing Covid-19 Newsletter;

‘Should protective barriers be installed between drivers and passengers?

The installation of protective barriers is a decision for PHV operators and individuals operating the vehicle to make based on your own assessment of risk.

The licensing team are happy if you choose to install a protective barrier on the proviso that it is securely fastened in such a way that it will not cause injury or harm to your passengers. You should also contact your insurance company to ensure that they are happy with such an installation.’


Taken from TFP Schemes Website;



We are receiving many requests from brokers regarding the fitting of screens in public and private hire vehicles to protect drivers and promote social distancing.

We are pleased to confirm that these are acceptable in line with our Taxi policy, and we do not need to be notified, presuming they meet the following criteria:

  • Screens are fitted professionally
  • Screens are fitted in line with Licensing Authority guidance / regulations
  • Screens do not impede the driver or compromise the safety of the vehicle or occupants

We hope this helps you assure your clients. You can download a letter confirming this here.

Disinfectant Fogging Cont’d *13

As promised, here is my homework and thoughts on Disinfectant Fogging:


Fog machines

it looks  the same as this one

I bought both and they are identical

Valeting products comes with fog juice that makes claims about killing odour and virus, but no specific claims to Covid-19.

I separately did some homework on home made fog juice;

I then did some research on disinfectant solution and this product makes specific claims to being safely effective against Covid-19.


My home made fog juice in my video was;

5 parts distilled water

1 part veg glycerin

1 part Virosol


So 1 in 7 Virosol

Virosmart quote Virosol is effective on Covid-19 at 1/50 and 1/100 depending on the application


Virosmart quote this;

Virosmart™ Virosol Disinfectant Concentrate 5 Litre is a high-quality cleaner that is chosen by hospitals, veterinary surgeons, top breeders and animal sanctuaries, and other high sensitivity areas.

Why chose Virosol

Most people choose this disinfectant because it is fully tested, it is entirely non-toxic, with a PH of 7.6, so there is no need to rinse away with water. It does not contain harmful Phenols, Aldehydes or Alcohol. This product is safe to use on all surfaces as it is entirely non-staining, non-tainting, and non-irritant. Also being water-based and biodegradable it is kind to the environment.

How to use

This large bottle of concentrate can be diluted to fill smaller bottles or fogging machines. We recommend a 1:50 dilution to ensure maximum effectiveness, which means each 5ltr bottle of concentrate makes 255ltr of disinfectant.


This product has been proven effective against Coronavirus at a dilution of 1:50 and a surface contact time of 5 minutes. For maximum effectiveness use with a fogging machine to ensure all surfaces are reached.

So you can see they state at the bottom for max effect use in a fogging machine!!!

AirBubbl – In Car Air Purifier *14

I feel this is a very important measure to compliment all the other measures we are taking here

The following info is from the AirBubbl website;

But maybe more interestingly, after the website info, at the foot of this section, you will see an email from;
Mike Miles
Global Product Marketing Manager, Automotive

I called Mike for some more info aimed at his products claims from our Chauffeur/Client perspective.
Mike is the authority on this and explains it better than I can.
He reassured me there are tangible positive benefits in the use of this supplementary filtration specific to Covid-19

Mike emailed me some material that isn't on the website, see below, and made the kind offer if anyone would like any more information you are welcome to email him

Reducing Airborne Virus Exposure Using In-Vehicle Air Filtration

The AirBubbl® by AirLabs® can reduce exposure to airborne COVID-19 and is one of several measures that can be taken to help protect passengers and drivers inside a vehicle.

The AirBubbl® by AirLabs® is an in-vehicle air filtration unit designed to provide clean air to vehicle occupants, free of particles and toxic gases. It provides an extra layer of protection, in critical environments, by removing airborne virions and contaminated particulate matter that are known pathways of virus transmission.

It has been confirmed that one of the modes of transmission of COVID-19 is via fine airborne particles produced when an infected person coughs, talks or breathes. Research has shown that airborne virions can remain suspended and alive in air for hours, allowing transmission even after the departure of the host. This includes single virions, which have a diameter of 0.05 μm - 0.2 μm1.

While the ability of a filter to remove airborne particles is critical, so too is the amount of clean air that the system can produce. The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) combines both the filtration efficiency and the air flow rate. To be effective, an air filtration system needs to be able to produce enough clean air into the vehicle to outperform the sources of contamination.

The AirBubbl removes more than 95% of all particles less than 5 μm on a single pass through its filter. With a single person exhaling 500 litres of potentially contaminated air every hour and the AirBubbl producing over 30,000 litres of filtered clean air every hour, the airborne virus load in the vehicle is significantly reduced and as a result so too is the risk of exposure.

Vehicle environments where more than one person are in close proximity are at risk from contaminated air; blue light vehicles, waste disposal trucks, taxis, private hire cars and public transport can all benefit from air filtration.

The AirBubbl can be used in two ways in vehicles:

  1. To clean the air within an enclosed space during the time between occupation by different groups of people.
  2. To reduce the levels of airborne SARS-CoV-2 within a vehicle cabin while it is occupied to help protect drivers and passengers

The AirBubbl is a plug and play product that requires no changes to the vehicle’s ventilation system or interior configuration. In a standard configuration (attachment to a seat headrest) it is installed easily within minutes and for non-standard installations there are multiple mounting options that can be easily deployed.

The AirBubbl is powered via a 2.1 A USB port by using a 12V socket (cigarette lighter), 3 Pin adaptor or power bank, and is highly intuitive to operate. Air is drawn into the AirBubbl, cleaned, and then specifically directed to where the vehicle occupants will be breathing. The filter element is completely user serviceable and takes a matter of minutes to replace. They typically last for 1000 hours of use.

About AirLabs
AirLabs is a leading pioneer in clean air technology. With more than 90% of the world’s population exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution, AirLabs’ mission is to deliver measuring, monitoring and cleaning solutions that provide valuable insight, enable action and clean polluted air to make it safe for people to breathe.

Its international team of atmospheric chemistry scientists, airflow engineers and sensor specialists has developed cutting edge and scientifically proven solutions for use by government, business and individuals to tackle the growing problem of urban air pollution.

AirLabs is headquartered in London, has its R&D labs in Copenhagen and also operates from offices in Santa Monica, Boca Raton and Singapore.

PDF brochures are available below for further information:-

AirBubbl Introduction
AirBubbl Intro

AirBubbl Brochure
AirBubbl Brochure

AirBubbl Datasheet
AirBubbl Datasheet

(sample of email from AirBubbl to Sterling Service):
Good Afternoon Steve,
Thanks for the call, it was a pleasure to speak with you. 
please find attached a range of information relating to the AirBubbl.

If you would like to share my details with anybody I will of course be happy to discuss with them the AirBubbl and the principles behind it. 

Best Regards
Mike Miles
Global Product Marketing Manager, Automotive

Keep in touch with the latest news from AirLabs here.

Guild of Professional Chauffeurs Covid-19 Best Practise Policy Document *15

Please find this to be the link to GoPC website page containing the Chauffeur Industry Best Practise suggestions

I am on the Exec Committee of the GoPC and I know with what authority and care this information was collated.
This document took a long time to put together and it is already a respected document within our industry.


**Please feel free to take anything from the car that has been made available for your use. These costs will be added on, at cost, to your invoice for your service.**

We can immediately provide our services with all of these Covid-19 measures implemented in our own:

4x Mercedes S Class Limos &

2x Mercedes V Class Exec MPV’s

All the measures detailed in this policy are already in place in all Sterling Service vehicles

*Scaling up of Sterling Service Covid-19 measures;*

If required, we will be happy to work with you on any demand you might have and can easily scale this up if you might have requirements for our service beyond our in-house capabilities regarding number of vehicles or location

As mentioned throughout this website we have UK wide partnerships that we tremendously value

We can work with these partners and easily implement our Sterling Service Covid-19 Policy in to their vehicles and systems

including the elements of the policy that rely on the Driver and Passenger App functions

Of course, in some cases this might take a short time to implement and we would welcome any notice possible to be able to guarantee this service

*We have invested in this policy and do not intend to increase any rates for our existing services in our own vehicles to fund it

*We have invested in this policy and do not intend to increase any rates for our existing services in our own vehicles to fund it*