London City Airport Chauffeur Service

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Our London City Airport Chauffeur is the backbone of our business

The first job I ever did was take a Family to London City airport to catch their holiday flight, and we never looked back

We take this as seriously now as we ever did

This is the part of our business which allows us to be here to provide the rest of our services


Whether you are flying for Business once or twice a week, flying off on your family holiday once a year, or anything in between;

Whether you are based in the UK and are flying out, or you are an International client flying in;

Whether you book your own London City Airport Transfers or you are the ‘Booker’ for your Boss or Colleagues;

Whether you fly Domestic, International, Commercial, or Private;

Whether you are an Agent desperate for a Limo Service to compliment the Flight and Accommodation bookings you handle for your Clients;

You can all trust Sterling Service to be there for you, in the finest Luxury Cars, to get you there as safe as possible, providing an experience that you will come to take for granted if you haven’t already.


Our clients tell us they value a friendly face as they come through arrivals on the way home from ‘another’ business trip, and we so believe them.


The second they sit in the car and the soft-close door effortlessly pulls itself closed they are back in their own space, back in their own world, back with their own thoughts, back in the care of their Chauffeur and nearly home….

We have the right Chauffeurs and the right vehicles for your transfer whatever the journey and whatever the reason.



Our amazing CDS functions will give you your Passenger App

This will let you see;

-the photo of your Chauffeur, his name and mobile phone number
-the photo of your Limo today, including vehicle registration number
-your Chauffeur’s live location on real time map



Our amazing CDS functions will give you your Client Portal

This will let you see the progress of any hire you have booked on behalf of your Boss / Colleague / Family Member;

-Chauffeur en route to pick up
-Chauffeur at Pick Up
-Passenger On Board (POB)
-Passenger Dropped


Travelling can be stressful enough on its own without having the added worry that your Driver might not be there for you when you come through.

On the odd occasion things do go wrong that are out of our control and out of your control.

We will deal with it!

Sterling Service have the resources and experience to do whatever is at all possible to mitigate any impact these problems might have on your arrangements and appear seamless to yourself as you continue your journey.

In most cases you will not even be aware there has been a problem.

There have been many occasions over the years where we have been given ‘not quite right’ information regarding client/passenger arrangements. In most cases we have been able to magic up a solution to minimise/remove any negative impact on your arrangements and save the trip, or indeed the show…..

Having these in-house resources, experience, partnerships and networks in place is invaluable to provide the Sterling Service come what may and we simply couldn’t work the magic without them.

Wherever you are flying in and out from we can provide the Sterling Service you have come to expect

We can tailor the exact arrangements to suit your preference


Your Chauffeur can park the car in the short stay car park and be waiting in arrivals to meet you and escort you back to your limo, assisting with your luggage.

-We can make arrangements for VIP meet and greet in the airport to chaperone you through to your car with the Chauffeur waiting to whisk you away.
-We can work with you or your people and organise VIP suite access
-We can organise kerbside check in where available
-We can deploy extra personnel to coordinate your drop off or pick up and escort you through the airport
-We can book in authorised personnel with airside clearance to escort you right through the airport from the aircraft to your Chauffeur on an inbound flight, or from your car right through security to the aircraft on an outbound flight

Everything we do is aimed at giving you the level of service you prefer that suits you best

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