Private and business chauffeur service in Kent & London


Serving Private and Business Customers

Sterling Service offer a professional, dependable Chauffeur and Concierge Service for all of your private and business requirements.
With our head office in Kent, we serve London and the South East while providing a genuine full UK service.
We provide our Sterling Service from anywhere in the UK to anywhere in the UK…


Private and business chauffeur service in Kent & London

Steve’s background

Wanting a change from an 18 year career that started as an Electrical Apprentice and ended up an Industrial Electrical and Instrumentation Plant Engineer I started Sterling Service in 2006.

I initially had no idea what it was going to hold, but find myself today loving my business and our Chauffeur Industry.



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Guild of Professional Chauffeurs

Steve is a member of the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs and serves on the Executive Committee, and has also recently been asked to become a Director

I am proud of my role and association with the GoPC

From working and collaborating with the best in our Industry to giving some of my time to support and promote the very same

From Networking with the finest in our amazing Industry to learning from my respected peers and partners for my own Personal Development

The GoPC has come to me at the perfect time where I can contribute as much as I benefit from it

Private and business chauffeur service in Kent & London

Trusted by a perfect mix of Private, Corporate, High Profile, HNW, VIP, and VVIP clients

We look after our UK based clients who travel out of town, and our International based clients who come in to town

To be trusted by both equally is a compliment we take seriously

I am super proud of our reputation and client base, and always love who’s arrangements we get trusted with.

Discretion and Integrity !!

Professional, Safe, Legal, Experienced, Chauffeur Driving is a pre-requisite for all of our Chauffeur Services but

The greater principle that runs right through our business is Discretion

There is nothing I would like to do more than list here all the high profile and Celebrity names that we look after

However, Discretion and Integrity are the bedrock of our reputation.

Keeping this long list a ‘best kept secret’ is far more important to us than advertising it for marketing or reference

my ‘Sterling Service Little Black Book’ if you like!

This of course equally applies to our valued Corporate clients whose business affairs we witness routinely

Do you want to be the next Sterling Service Client no one knows about?

The Sterling Service Team including Partners;

We have an amazing Team, all nice guys working really hard to provide a World Class Service to our clients.

We are trusted with responsibilities some people could never imagine and we do whatever we possibly can to execute these in a manner you have come to expect and trust

As well as our own Drivers, our Team includes valued Partners.

Our partners are only ever the best in the business

We have a reputation among our clients as having the best Partners in the Business
We have a reputation amongst our Partners for having the best Clients in the Business

Sterling Service have great relationships running right through our operation

From many years networking and working with colleagues who have become friends
To serving on the Executive Committee, and being a Director of the ‘Guild of Professional Chauffeurs’
To attending the Chauffeur Industry’s Annual Awards Black Tie Dinner
To working in the highest circles with our peers;
I have learned who to place our invaluable clients in the care of when we are unable to look after them ourselves

This model is used extensively in our Industry, although many will let you think they are bigger companies than they are, and not many will publicise such partnerships.

I treat these partnerships with the utmost respect and value these relationships tremendously

Few Chauffeur Companies have many of their own Vehicles.
I used to think this was a compromise to the service provided.
However, with experience, I have learned this is a massive advantage to any Limo Service

Working with handpicked Professional Company and Vehicle Owners, given the right Network of Contacts, lets us provide our Sterling Service to you on a larger scale, all the while seamless and best in class;

Benefits to you
  • One Booking and Planning function
  • One Controlling and Coordinating Function
  • One Invoicing and Accounts function
  • UK wide Sterling Service

Our clients reach out to us even when they know we cannot provide the service ourselves because to quote them
“Steve, you have better contacts in your Industry than we do”

I am proud to be trusted with our clients arrangements, but I am also proud to be trusted to place our clients arrangements when necessary, Corporate, Private, and Celebrity alike

We can look after your arrangements in all the reaches of the UK and look forward to welcoming you, your colleagues, and guests

We hope you enjoy our website and if you would like to discuss any aspect of the services we might be able to offer you please do get in touch

We look forward to working with you

Steve Lynchand ‘The Sterling Service Team’

Private and business chauffeur service in Kent & London