Sterling Service Location Chauffeur Services

PR – Media – Film – Photo Shoot

Whether you need us to look after your Star, your Talent, your Production, your Crew, or yourself;

We are experienced in;
-working with the Star
-working with PR Execs and Artist Liaisons
-working with Production Crews

We know;
-how to work with Execs from Agency Offices
-how to look after creative talent
-NEVER to touch a Camerawoman/Cameraman’s equipment (EVER!!) unless asked to help
-that we are not being helpful assisting with the camera equipment, unless you ask us to
-that you will probably want the camera in the cabin with you
-that we might able to help on site and need to adjust to your ever-changing itinerary
-that you will likely need us to help you make some local arrangements on the day to help deal with a last minute changes / unexpected scenarios

We can;
-work with you and your team on location
-look after you and your team when travelling
-provide Limos, Exec MPV’s, Equipment Vans

For any enquiries or to discuss how we might be able to help please do not hesitate to call or email to start a dialogue toward a plan…. (We like a plan!)