Terms and Conditions


Our reputation is based upon abject reliability. We know only too well delays happen routinely and we do everything in our power to mitigate the risk of being late for any client pick up. We have always worked very hard at ‘never’ being late. In real terms this is impossible and we cannot and will not make any ‘guarantee’ in the true sense of the word that we will ‘never’ be late. We do however ‘guarantee’ we will always do whatever ever we can to be at your agreed pick up at the agreed time. This always involves leaving early and bein gin the area of your pick up early. Your Chauffeur will more often than not have been in the vicinity of your pcik up for quite some time before your pick up, albeit of course out of site. We have always taken a view that it is sometimes just as unprofessional to be early as it is to be late. If you book a car for 1200, you want your Chauffeur there at 1200, and your Chauffeur will be with you at 1200. We always, always, book and plan our schedules taking a pessimistic view on how long it will take us to get to your pick up, given road conditions, traffic of course, and accidents. Our despatch system even takes this in to account in the built-in planning tools we employ. However we of course take a manual judgement on every plan / schedule / itinerary we make on your behalf and never leave ourselves completely in the hands of our technology.

During the course of any services provided as requested, and agreed by the acceptance of a booking confirmation, any damage / soiling of the vehicle (interior and/or exterior) will be corrected at the first earliest possible opportunity and the cost of this will be passed on to the client at cost. This damage will be deemed to be the clients responsibility if it is caused by the client or the clients passenger / guest / pet / goods at the pick up, during the journey, at any stops during the service, and at the final drop off. This will also include any damage caused by any person / anything relating to the client at any address we may be at during the service whether the client / passenger / guest is present or not.  This cost will include where necessary any indirect costs associated with this damage causing the vehicle to be out of service and not available to fulfil other bookings. These costs will be passed on in a fair and reasonable manner and if we are able to avoid these costs and use our own in house vehicles to provide requested services we will do. However well we plan to deliver our service there will always be delays forced on us that are out of our control. In the event of these delays we cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect expenses incurred by the client due late arrivals to events or onward travel.

Our agreed rate for the service provided is based on the agreed itinerary. This is derived largely, but not exclusively, from time and mileage rates applied to the expected itinerary to generate a quote for service requested. In the event of deviation from the pre agreed service it is understood the total final price due for the service will include extra fee for the extra service provided. If any deviations are requested after the itinerary and price has been agreed we will of course accommodate any such requests where at all practicable (Your Chauffeur will be as flexible and accommodating to your needs as is at all possible) but we reserve the right to not guarantee being able to accommodate  requested deviations pending circumstances during the service, and after the service has commenced

Any expenses

Wherever we make claims to avoid traffic getting in and out of mass attended sporting and entertainment events and venues; these are genuine claims made from many years of experience working these vents and finding out the best way to get in and out avoiding the inexperienced masses. These are tangible benefits and proven to save time. Some are based on routes. Some are based on where to drop off. Some are based on where to meet up for pick up. Some include suggesting walking away from the venue for 10 mins to avoid sitting in traffic for a lot longer. Wherever claims are made they are genuine claims however there are no guarantees pending the lay of the land on the day, the timing, the traffic, the authorities etc etc. We guarantee we will do whatever we can. We cannot guarantee we can perform miracles on the day. There are no guarantees any suggested measures based on experience will be successful every time.