Sterling Service Chauffeur Services

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From a straight A to B transfer, to a multi-week residential service, to national tours, to a fully managed Limo desk (20 VIP Cars) for Corporate Conference or Entertainment Event we can apply our Sterling Service to plan, manage and execute your requirements whatever they may be

I am super proud of our reputation and client base, and always love who’s arrangements we get trusted with.


Corporate Chauffeur / Business Travel

• If your requirement is a Limo to the airport to catch a flight, we are your Sterling Service
• If you want us to meet you from an inbound flight, we are your Sterling Service
• If you need an early Limo from home to the office, we are your Sterling Service
• If you need an Evening Limo home from a Client Dinner, we are your Sterling Service
• If your PA had to attend an Evening Team Dinner and you want to make sure she gets home ok, we are her Sterling Service

We can provide our service to you to suit whatever your requirement might be
a single trip from a meeting to a Dinner venue that MUST go right
An intricate schedule involving many Cars and many movements
Whatever your requirement for our service, nothing is too big or too small

The extent of the service we provide is driven by your need, and we know your need is driven by your business. That is exactly what we are here for.
If you book 1 car in 6 months and or book 50 cars in 1 week, we will look after you in exactly the same way, providing the Sterling Service you expect from us

You can book a 1 way only Transfer with Sterling Service, you don’t always need to book a round trip
We provide many 1 way runs home at the end of the day, you don’t need to have travelled in to town with us to book a car out with us at the end of the evening
We have clients that go in to town on the train and have a Limo home in the Evening
We have clients who have a Limo in to town in the morning and make their own way home in the afternoon
We have clients who go straight from the office to the airport to catch a flight and we pick them up from the return inbound flight
We have clients who we take to the airport to make sure they make an early morning outbound flight who then make their own arrangements to get back home or to the office from the return inbound flight

If you run a busy schedule, you must make the best use of your time in the Limo;

Be productive on the move;
Admin on the laptop/phone
Dial in to that meeting
Make that call


you need to relax
gather your thoughts
call your family

Either way let us take care of the bit we are good at and buy yourself some valuable time back while riding in your super comfortable S Class

If you don’t have the luxury of relaxing during your ride today;

We really do understand how important it is for you to be productive on the move

Many of our Clients plan their Limos to coincide with their conference calls
Book in their conference calls for the time they know they are going to be in the Limo

Equally, to be able to sit in comfort making calls while working on the laptop is invaluable

For whatever you may need a Limo for your Business Travel, we are your Sterling Service

Corporate Chauffeur – Conference – Corporate Event

Any combination of the right vehicles for your event and guests to suit your Event needs;
Mercedes S Class Limo / Sedan
Mercedes V Class Exec MPV / Minivan
16 Seat Exec Mini Coach
Coach, Exec or VIP
Full Limo Desk for Delegates
1x Limo for VIP Guest or Key Note Speaker;

In from the airport
VIP wait on site as directed in case they want to go somewhere or want us to run an errand
Conference to Dinner
Dinner to Hotel
Early AM Hotel to Airport
Late night Car home at the end of a long day for the Organiser
Car(s) for Dinner guests

Whatever the reason, if you need your colleagues, clients, or guests to be looked after by someone you can trust;
Sterling Service will look after your arrangements on your behalf, representing you or your brand

Especially, if it is that important you would do it yourself if you could, the next best thing is to send your Driver…..Sterling Service

Event Chauffeurs and fully managed Limo Desk

Event Chauffeurs and fully managed Limo Desk

Sterling Service have lots of experience working with Corporate Clients planning large number movements for day or week long Conference and Away Days

Working directly with your PA’s, Admins, and inhouse Event Teams or representing you working with your outsourced Event Management Company, we can compile a fully planned itinerary for every movement;

Inbound Airport Transfers
Long and short distance UK relocations
Ground Transfers between Accommodation / Event Venue / Office / Restaurant
Outbound Airport Transfers

Our Coordinator(s) will execute the plan on the day and react to any problems that may arise

Our Chauffeurs will look after your colleagues / clients / guests representing you in a way you are fully confident will have them on their best game for  the reason they are with you in town

These services can be provided in any combination of vehicles
Exec MPV
Exec Mini Coach

We can play as big or small a part as you prefer in the planning for your event
Working with your planners, and wherever suitable we also find it a big advantage to work directly with your travel agent and your guests themselves, or their admins, to collate the car requirements

If we live and breathe a big project with you from the early planning stage it is always easier to manage especially the more intricate it is on the day, not to mention the problems that we will be presented with on the day. Unfortunately there will always be something to contend with. It is not for hiding from and hoping it won't happen, it is for looking for and dealing with when it arises.

The key to the success of a multi movement project is the planning, efficient contingency, and above all experience on the day to foresee what is coming at you next.

When managing a project from the start the potential groupings can also be suggested and managed by us in advance to suit your logistics and budget, all the while being sensitive to your VIP’s and Hierarchy within your company.


Examples of this service;


UK Based International Client

Regular client who use Sterling Service routinely for colleagues and guest ground transfers and airport transfers

host Annual Global Snr Management Conference in Cambridge

65 Visiting International Delegates
38 Inbound Transfers
22 Outbound Transfers

Steve planned all movements
including the proposed groupings where necessary with the client Event organisers to rationalise total number of cars required


International (Japan) based Client with UK Office;

Requests the Sterling Service once or twice a year to look after head of UK and visiting home country No.1 and Senior Team for events including R.I.A.T. RAF Fairford – Farnborough Air Show – DSEi London

Ground Transfers
Airport Transfers
Hotels and Restaurants
Client Visits
Client Guest Arrangements when brokering meetings between suppliers and clients
Corporate Hospitality and Entertaining
Looking after their clients on their behalf during the program

Private Chauffeur

Private Chauffeur
If you have a need for a Chauffeur Driven Limo once a day, once a week, once a month or once a year;
Sterling Service can look after your exact need how you expected to be looked after
If you have your own Driver, we can fill in when he is busy or not available to you

Private Chauffeur
Our Service is perfect for any Private Client who would like to use a Chauffeur to supplement their own means
For anyone who needs someone to look after themselves or their family on a regular basis or just on the odd occasion
We can be your Chauffeur for a day at the races, an Evening at the Theatre, a one way ride home from a Restaurant
We can look after you for a one of few week period in the event of you being unable to drive for any reason
We can look after your Children’s School relocations
We can look after your visit to the Spa
We can take care of your Hospital visits

Enhance any Special Occasion with a Limo;
Our Limo Service is the perfect way to enhance any gift of Theatre Tickets, Restaurant Vouchers, or Weekend Break and will indeed show your class at the thought to do it, and the style it brings the recipient
We look after many, many, Services of this exact nature and the recipient is always, without exception, blown away and love the whole experience

We look after Clients who have regular cars, we look after clients who have a car once a year, we have clients who have never been in an S Class before and this is a real one off treat to enhance a special occasion or a gift of tickets to an event, a show, or a celebratory Dinner.
Or indeed the car has been bought as a gift for them for a special occasion
Whatever your reason for being in a Sterling Service car with a Sterling Service Chauffeur, we know it will be everything you want, or need, it to be

Your Sterling Service Limo can look after you if you have a personal appointment to keep or simply meeting friends for afternoon tea

We also have experience escorting clients to Buckingham Palace when invited to receive their honours from The Queen, dropping off at the state entrance in the inner Quad and waiting as required for the ceremony and photos.
Sadly, not every requirement for a Sterling Service car is celebration or a special occasion
We have provided many cars for many adverse personal reasons
If you have never needed a Private Chauffeur before but unfortunately found yourself needing support for example hospital visits, or if you need to provide the best possible option for a loved one if you are unable to do it yourself, we are experienced in all sorts of scenarios and will provide the Sterling Service in as sensitive manner as you need us to, with of course the utmost discretion
We can also look after you if you have to fly in to look after the arrangements for a relative’s passing, providing a discreet Driver to look after your itinerary while you concentrate on the difficult business in hand
We are also trusted to look after your Son or Daughter when they relocate for School / University term time, whether you are based in the UK and need long distance transfers or if you are International based and you and/or your family are flying in to start the new University year
If your Daughter is driving herself in the car she needs at School and you will ride with her, but then need a car home, we are here for you
If your Son is relocating and has more luggage than you can fit in the family car, we have the vehicle(s) you need and are here for you
Whatever the reason you need a Chauffeur Service for your personal family arrangements, you can rely on Sterling Service to provide a safe discrete service for any requirement

VVIP Chauffeur and VVIP Services

Ultra Discretion
Meticulously planned movements and itineraries
Private Planes and FBO’s
Lux Itins
Advance Party
Collect Keys
Recce Rooms

Multiple teams of cars forming separate elements of trips either end of planes/trains/yachts/helicopters
Planned - Safe - Slick - Coordinated - Professional
No more to be said
If you know this world – we are good at it

A to B Transfers (UK and International) Pick Up and Drop Off

Sterling Service Chauffeurs have vast experience in providing cars for any journey
If it is a straight A to B pick up and drop off, it doesn’t matter how far t is, if you need to make that journey you won’t find a better way to do it

Apart from the fact that everyone loves to be seen getting in and out of our beautiful cars, they are so super comfortable you won’t want to get out at the other end when we arrive

Whether you use a car service once a day, once a year, or once in a lifetime, we are the Sterling Service you need in your life
If you need a single 1 off pick up drop off, we are here for you

Now and again we all need to make a journey whether we want to or not

If you find yourselves in difficulty somewhere and need to relocate / repatriate we will be able to quote you a rate for any fixed journey from anywhere to anywhere.
If your arrangements change and you need to make a one of journey, we can provide a rate for any eventuality including Driver expenses and hotel costs
Also including crossing costs if you prefer us to make the Eurotunnel arrangements on your behalf

Our service is always the best way to do it, however of course not always the cheapest

Even if you don’t know us, if you need a reliable, comfortable one off journey from A to B we are here for you

We can provide this journey from anywhere to anywhere, just drop us a line for a price and to discuss the arrangements

Nationwide Tours, including full itineraries if required

Sterling Service can provide you with Chauffeur(s) and Luxury Car(s), MPV(s), or Coach(es) for any tour requirements you may have

We can organise accommodation and/or Tour Guides
We can organise linking travel arrangements to suit
We can organise Helicopters to link your Tour where necessary
Or we can work with your preferred Charter directly to make seamless professional arrangements on your behalf

Everything we do is aimed at making your experience a complete success

Here is a selection of examples of the tours services we have experience in providing
Holiday Tours
Vacation Tours
Sightseeing Tours
Relocation Recce for property
School reference visits
University reference visits

Investor Road Shows
Potential Property Purchase/Lease Viewings;
-Retail - Commercial - Industrial
-Client Reference Visits for product or services pre purchase decision

If you are planning a tour or a visit and need any assistance from planning linked up ground transfers to full itineraries where we broker the other services or we work with your preferred supplier, we can look after whatever you need us to, to ensure your valuable visit is a success with no unwanted surprises

A couple of perfect examples of the sort of Corporate Tour we have experience in looking after;

Example 1;
Household Name National Brand Furniture Brand;
National Director Store Visits
Targeted Inspection Tour, On site meetings at every branch, Group Conference Calls in the car between stores

Example 2;
Global Furniture Brand
Investment / Inspection Visit
Inbound Airport Transfer
Inspect existing Stores
Visit potential new sites available for expansion for new stores
Outbound Airport Transfer

Example 3;
Link up with clients own organised helicopter as part of a national tour
Visiting Board of an Int’l household name Restaurant chain/franchise
Inspecting Retail Park Restaurants to inspect recently refurbished units and make decisions for targeted further expansion

we can work directly with you or your people
Whether this is a business trip taking in investment opportunity’s or a fun trip taking in precious family time

The Sterling Service will make your trip what you want and need it to be

Itinerary Chauffeur

Itinerary Chauffeur;

Sterling Service can provide Chauffeurs and Vehicles for any itinerary on any scale

If your people have put a detailed itinerary together we will follow it to the letter, enhancing it with our prep and recce wherever possible and practicable

It will be our aim to deliver this itinerary to the very best of our ability planning arrivals in advance at every venue/location to ensure a professional drop off every step of the way

As Directed (A/D) / Disposal Chauffeur Services

As Directed (A/D) / Disposal Chauffeur

Sterling Service can happily and confidently provide Chauffeur(s) and Limo(s) at an agreed start time and location with very little information in advance, and provide an As Directed Chauffeur Service completely at your Disposal taking direction from you or your team as the service unfolds

(As much info as is available in advance is always appreciated)

Security Aware Chauffeurs

Our in-house Sterling Service Chauffeurs are not all trained Security Drivers

We are very ‘Security Aware’ and comfortable working with CP’s knowing what they expect from us and comfortable in what we expect from them to let us do our best job for you

This combination works best when Driver and CP can work as a professional team

They both have a role to play and work as a much better team when each know what is expected of each other

A Driver/CP team can operate more effectively in the event of being compromised where they can both concentrate on their respective responsibilities.
We can broker CP services upon request*
Protection Services
Talent / Personal / Product / Valuables

Sterling Service can provide Security Services* for the protection of your talent, yourself, your family, your valuable personal belongings, your valuable products and assets

We can look after your Team, we can look after your Artist

Whether on location or in transit, we can look after your most valuable assets, products, samples, IP to protect your investment/return

* these services are not in-house Sterling Service services
they are brokered through Security Service Providers who work at the highest level

Corporate Hospitality, Sporting Events, Entertainment Events

Sterling Service will look after your arrangements to and from any Event, including buying the tickets where required

Be it Personal or Business, looking after yourself, or looking after your clients on your behalf, we have a vast experience looking after Client arrangements whatever the reason for attending the Event

Whether you are going in the front door with a ticket, or if you are going in the back door and everyone else has paid for a ticket to come and watch you on the stage - Sterling Service are yours

If you are entertaining Clients or Guests and you are not in a position to look after them yourself, the next best thing is to send them ‘your’ Driver!

We will represent you while we look after your guests on your behalf and you know they are in the best hands possible

Sterling Service are experienced in attending many of the best known events in the UK, and also have experience looking after Clients in Europe

From a single Limo for 1 guest, to a fleet of Limos for a managed program for many guests, and everything in between, Sterling Service can deliver your Clients and Guests in the only way to start and end the day



Our Chauffeurs pride themselves in knowing how different clients prefer to be looked after

There is clearly a pre requisite for safe, smooth, comfortable professional driving

Within safe legal Driving, some Clients prefer an urgent London style of driving, whereas other clients much prefer a more sedate less exciting style of driving

Like most aspects of our service we take this seriously and try to deliver what we think you prefer

If you have a preference please just say

Equal to the importance of driving are Discretion and our Soft Skills

When we host you in one of our Limos, the Limo and the space is yours for the duration of your hire

The Chauffeur is yours for the duration of your hire and is there for you

Whether your Chauffeur is simply taking you from A to B or if he is looking after you for a couple of weeks and tending to your every arrangement in conjunction with your own team, or indeed any level of service in between, unless told otherwise your Chauffeur will take an instinctive lead from you and look after you however you are more comfortable being looked after……

We Chauffeurs pride ourselves in ‘knowing’ how any client prefers to be looked after

If we ever get this wrong, please just say!!

We will be trying to do a best possible job for you

This is always easier when we know for sure

**Note to Bookers – Any Passenger profile you can provide when booking for someone else is always greatly appreciated and helps us do a best job for you

Attention to detail

Our S Class Limos are best in class

The S Class is the ‘go to’ Chauffeur Limo and still sets the standard for VIP Luxury Saloon Car Sedan Chauffeur Services

That said;

The first thing I do with our Sterling Service Limo’s when we buy them new;

Take off the brand new 20” wheels and replace them with genuine Mercedes 18” S Class wheels effectively downgrading them at significant cost??!!

Taking 20” wheels with low profile tyres off a Limo, and replacing them with 18” wheels with normal tyres on smooths out the ride just that little bit more for the Passenger sitting in the back of the Limo

Listen, the S Class Limo ride is amazing any way, right?

(If you’ve not been in one yet, you know who to call)

But this gives us just that little bit more……

Even smoother ride, even less road noise!!

The quiet comfortable serenity which is the back of an S Class Limo is the perfect place to relax and gather your thoughts, or indeed continue to conduct the business

This even smoother ride on softer juicier tyres than the already amazing S Class provides anyway simply takes this to another level

On anything other than a smooth Tarmac surface the big wheels on low profile tyres bring up the road surface in to the car just that little bit more. Like most things this is all something and nothing but this is one thing I have always been particular with, and always done with all of our S Classes….